Why sarkodie and stonebwoy’s lovers have to be excited about shatta wales video collab with beyonce

Music may be a universal language. A language everyone in every country and continent understands regardless of the difference within the language during which they sing or rap in.

Music could also be sang in several languages but the rhythms are universally understandable and anyone from anywhere can dance and move thereto .


In Europe and USA, collabs with international artists could seem normal, but in Africa it’s an enormous deal. this is often so basically due to how prestigious and well branded international acts are. And also, how serious they take their craft. Not forgetting how business minded they’re in terms of investing in their music, promotion and sales.

An African-American collaboration may be a really big deal in Africa. Especially when it’s with major American or international acts like Beyonce.


Remember when P.Square and Rick Ross did a remix version of the song Beautiful Onyinye in 2013? That wasn’t just a serious collab for P-Square but it had been a serious collab for Nigeria, West Africa and therefore the whole of Africa.

In this article, reasons why Sarkodie’s fans,Stonebouy’s fans and therefore the fans of other musicians should be excited about Shatta Wales video collab with Beyonce are going to be discussed.


1. it’s an enormous International Recognition For Ghana In Terms Of The Music Industry:
Shatta Wale’s video collaboration with Beyonce may be a major break through for the Ghana music industry, not only our industry except for the African music industry. Beyonce is an A-listed artist in USA along side her husband Jay-z. they need billions of die-hard followers and fans across the planet . people that cannot go week without jamming to their songs.

Now once they watch the music video for “Already” and see how good Shatta Wale performed thereon along side his delivery, most of them are going to be forced to google him and hear some more songs by Shatta Wale. It’s like when a replacement artist is featured on a song of a well-liked artist. When people fall crazy together with his delivery on the song, they struggle to download a number of his previous and current works, in order that they can hear them. That’s how recognition is made for the artist. And when the genre or quite music is different and not known, it creates recognition also for that genre or quite music style the artist does.


80 percent of Beyonce’s fans will certainly google for Shatta Wale. And trust me, Ghana will crop up in 99 percent of these searches and 85 percent of our artists especially Sarkodie and Stonebouy’s names will crop up in those searches too. Definitely artists who have songs with Shatta Wale also will crop up hence creating international recognition for many of the artists in Ghana also .

2. More International Acts Will Show Interest In Working With a number of Our Major Acts In Ghana:
When we mention major acts in Ghana, Sarkodie and Stonebouy will never be excluded. they need paid their dues within the Ghanaian music industry. Some international artists would like to work with more artists in Ghana. And since they would not want to be tagged as trying to repeat Beyonce, a number of them would like to work with different major acts in Ghana aside Wale like Sarkodie and Stonebwoy.

The more they work with our major acts the more they meet up with to working with our underground and underrated artists. So altogether its a win-win for top notch artists and underground artists.


3. A Wider Audience are going to be Creared For Our Genre Of Music:
A wider audience will certainly be created now that the visuals of “Already” video is close to begin . Fans of Beyonce and music lovers within the world would like to know the kinds and genres of music we’ve in Ghana. Most of them will try taking note of a couple of and are likely to fall crazy with them.

This will expand the audience for many of the genres of music we’ve in Ghana.


4. Our Top Notch Music Acts Can Easily Get Connected To The Fanbase Of Beyonce And Other International Musicians:
With how the web is now, it’s getting to be easy for fans of Beyonce and other international artists to attach with our major acts. On Facebook, once you wish or follow an artist’s page another artist within the country of the one you followed is usually recommended . So fans from outside Ghana which will fall crazy with Shatta Wale and need to follow him on social media platforms will certainly tend the suggestion to follow other big acts in Ghana and this may make it easier for them to attach with our major acts.


With that said, i see no reason why fans of other artists shouldn’t get excited. This major exposure for Shatta Wale may be a major exposure for the Ghanaian music industry and every one the artists in Ghana.


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