(+VIDEO): Popular Facebook Sl@y Qu£en M!,stak£nly Uploaded H£r Pr!vat£ V!deo On Social Media; Video drops

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Pr!v@t£ v!deo seems to be a societal canker that has come to dwell with us especially the people of Ghana. Its comes in different form in one way or the other. Its no more a surprise when such v!deos pops up and circulate across the various media centers.

Shame is no more a regarded word to the youth of thesw days. Lakked v!deos and $£x t@p£s seems to be their new life and trend which almost all of them are following. The latest video shows a girl who r£c0rded her ‘property’ in the name of l0v£ to send the v!deo to her bo!friend and m!stak£nly pops up on social media.

We would have l0v£d to upload the video for our cherished readers but and its now out below with a download link. Watch the v!deo below and enjoy.


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Written by Kulme Star

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