See What Is Going On In America As Donald Trump Lost The Election


One of friend send me an email from a friend who has a lot of connections among people who have connections with hard core Trump supporters. He tells me that he thinks things are going to get ugly.

I realize that many people who voted for Trump are aware that he says and tweets some dumb things, and will excuse his “rhetorical exaggerations.” But there are some Trump supporters who absolutely believe that there is a plot to steal the election, and that when Donald Trump declared himself to be the victor, he was speaking up in defense of democracy. From that small group who believe that the election is being stolen from Trump, most will cheer from the sidelines as Trump fights in the courts. But a few of them – a small group within the small group – are ready for v!olence.

I realize that the FBI is aware of the dangers posed by alt-right groups – see for example the failure of the Wolverine Watchmen. There’s not going to be anything close to a civil war. But Donald Trump could do so much good – he could actually help his more crazy followers – if (assuming that when the dust clears Biden wins the Electoral College, which seems probable although not certain right now) – he actually concedes defeat in a gracious manner and says “I lost. Well done, Joe. I hope America will unite behind the new president.” Alot of Africa peoples are very happy that Trump has lost the election due the blind man he has for black peoples of Africa. Watch it below

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