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5 reasons why Patapaa is 10 times bigger than Kuami Eugene

reasons why Patapaa is 10 times bigger than Kuami Eugene

HitzNationgh.Com has been following with keen interest the latest developments in the camps of Patapaa and Kuami Eugene.

It all started with Kuami Eugene calling Patapaa a noisy artiste when he appeared on Rythmz Live show on GHone monitored by HitzNationgh.Com

According to Kuami Eugene, “Patapaa’s kind of music is nothing but noise”, adding that he would want to have nothing doing with Patapaa in terms of collaboration.
Kuami Eugene’s seemingly derogatory remarks about Patapaa landed on the bad nerves of Ghanaians who launched a massive attack on him.

Unable to bear the heat anymore, the ‘Confusion’ hitmaker, after causing this confusion between himself, Patapaa, and Ghanaians, apologized.
In an emotional video sighted by HitzNationgh.Com, Kuami Eugene begged Ghanaians for forgiveness.
The ‘Angela’ hitmaker had his right hand buried inside his left hand, a sign to show that he had deeply regretted his action.

Patapaa responded to the apology and said he had forgiven Kuami Eugene, but cautioned him to be careful next time with the kind of remarks he makes about him.

An obviously hurt Patapaa went ahead to release a ‘diss’ song against Kuami Eugene, revealing how the latter had released bad flatulence during 2018 Ghana Meet Naija.
According to Patapaa, while the show was ongoing, Kuami Eugene kept on releasing ‘bad gas’ against him, but he didn’t even apologize to him.

Following this whole hullabaloo and Ghanaians reactions, HitzNationgh.Com, has gathered five compelling reasons why Ghanaians believe Patapaa is far better and bigger than Kuami Eugene.

1. International appeal: Though he has been in the industry for less than a year, Patapaa is known almost all around the world for his hit song ‘One Corner’ which went viral latter part of last year. He broke the rural barrier to make a hit song and become popular all the way from a certain village in Swedru in the Cental Region. Many people have said Patapaa’s ability to become popular far outweighs Kuami Eugene’s effort because he lives in Accra, and obviously had no hard time becoming popular as compared with Patapaa.

2. Dressing: HitzNationgh.Com,has made many reports about Kuami Eugene getting blasted on social media for his choice of attire and dressing many times. Patapaa also received some bashing over the over-sized suit he wore to the 2018 Ghana Music Awards. But since that incident, his dress and grooming has seen significant improvement unlike Kuami Eugene.

3. Stage craft: Patapaa’s stage craft has always been a topic for discussion anytime he mounts a stage to perform. Especially during the 2018 Ghana Meets Naija, many Ghanaians could not believe their eyes with Patapaa’s performance. He literally shook the auditorium and the stage. And according to reports, throughout his performance, Patapaa kept patrons on their feet dancing. It has been said on many entertainment shows monitored by HitzNationgh.Com that Patapaa is a better crowd mover than Kuami Eugene, judging by their performance at the shows the two have performed.

4. Collaborations: It is no secret that Patapaa has more collaborations with other musicians than Kuami Eugene. We can talk of his collaboration with Article Wan on ‘That Thing’, which is currently number four on the music chart of GHone Rythmz Live as monitored by HitzNationgh.Com on Friday, June 22, 2018. Other collaborations include ‘Akwaaba’ by Kwesi Arthur, and others. Kuami Eugene also has collaborations with Shatta Wale, and his record label team mate, Mz Vee.
5. Following: Fact remains that Patapaa is an illiterate and so cannot speak good English, and definitely needs to hire someone to handle his social media handles, unlike Kuami Eugene. However, checks by HitzNationgh.Com reveals that he has massive following than Kuami Eugene both on social media and within the public domain. It need not be told that the whole of Swedru is behind Patapaa, but the same cannot be said of Kuami Eugene. Also both artistes have fans and followers in Accra, the whole of Ghana, and international, giving Patapaa an upper hand over Kuami Eugene when it comes to following.

It is hoped that the rift between the two camps would die down soon for peace to prevail between them and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Kuami Eugene has released his latest song ‘Wish me well’ which is gradually gaining attention by its many airplays.

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