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Meet DaGaow Hardnezz -The Afropop Artist Who Strikes A Balance Between African Art And Afrobeat Music.


Dagaow’s artistic dress code- a visibly unique smock hat, when brushed towards different directions, communicates distinctive messages in his native country Ghana and his style of Afropop music makes him a force to reckon with in the Afropop music scene.
While the wearing of hats could be part of a trend in fashion, in Ghana it is revered. Smock hats have unique artistic properties such as colours and design styles. Most importantly, how they are worn is symbolically well-regarded culturally and socially. Depending on how a smock hat is tilted (left, right, upright, back or front), it communicates messages such as showing a person’s social status. Smock hats are usually made from hand-woven fabric and during social functions, a direction of a smock hat whether (un)intentionally can offend others or can make a person an easy target spiritually or physically. For instance, brushing the top of a smock hat towards the front implies “a person is above all” and subsequently challenging others to dare him. Depending on the social environment, the interpretation could include a person is the richest, strongest physically or spiritually or the most knowledgeable.

Notwithstanding the signal and meaning communicated, it is worth noting, wearing a smock hat this way implies such a person is either a troublemaker or confident of winning or excelling in whatever challenge he throws or is sure of excelling in such a challenge.
Usually spotted wearing a smock hat in his music videos and at social occasions, Dagaow has just released a remake of his hit song titled Checkpoint. Lyrically delivered in English and “Ghanaian Pidgin English”, Checkpoint is not the usual love song you hear on the radio due to its choice of lyrics, catchphrase and most importantly how Dagaow creatively used eccentric lyrics and their connotations to compose the afrobeat song. The song begins with catchy concurrent slogans from both artists. Followed by a captivating hook, supported by a blend of kicks, percussion and snare instruments giving it a unique place in the Afropop music scene.

It is that Afropop song which will keep you tapping, nodding and eventually onto the dancefloor while intrigued about every aspect ranging from the beat to hooks. Checkpoint, suitable for all occasions, will irresistibly seduce you to click the repeat button on whichever medium you are listening. Also, the combination of rap and singing constituting the song makes it suitable for people who love afrobeat and rap music. Checkpoint narrates a message of not rushing things in a new relationship.

The song features Zeal, lead singer of Ghanaian legendary music group VVIP, whom according to research only features on songs that are unique and well crafted.

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