JustIn: When Your Boyfriend Is Not At Home ,You Can Do Any Of These 5 Things Alone

I have listed 5 Things a lady should do when his boyfriend is not home and she is there lonely. Been at home lonely is very sad and bored. There are almost some negative aspect of this and if you are able to go by what am going to list below,you at home alone will be very joyfully.

1. Can you sweep all the compound, mob the floors, clean the bathroom and the toilet, weed the compound alone?

2. Can you prepare ‘fufu’ by you alone?

3. Your boyfriend was to paint the house before noon but unfortunately, he got a call from his manager, can you paint the house alone?

4. You will visit the zoo at 10:00am, but you are left to wash all the clothes you have before it’s time for the visiting, can you do it alone?

5. A snake mistakenly entered your bedroom, can you find and kill it alone?

After reading all the above five things, as a lady, can you do any of these alone when your boyfriend is not at home? You are free to leave your comment here.


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