Google To Shut Down Play Music In September

YouTube Music is now set to replace Google Play Music by the end of 2020 — as Google reported the shutting down of Play Music nearly.

This change is caused to happen in September, when users in New Zealand and South Africa will lose use of the Google Play Music app. Though these are the countries announced for now, but other countries will be announced later in coming October.

Despite the shut down, Music libraries will remain intact until December, so you will still have an opportunity to move your collection to YouTube Music for weeks afterward.

After this change, Google will now make the option for you to buy and pre-order music in Play Store in late August. It’s either you will use the transfer tool to send purchases to YouTube Music or rely on Google Takeout to export your data and download all your purchased and uploaded tracks.

In simple terms, Google will also remove the options to upload and download Play Music songs through Music Manager.

Any customer that does not transfer will have their subscription cancelled at the end of the billing cycle when Google Play Music shuts down in their country.

The company is touting numerous upgrades to YouTube Music as an incentive to make the leap, including a revamped player page, the Explore tab, smarter playlist creation, and integration within platforms like Android TV and Google Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Is Google Shutting Down Google Play Music?
Yes, Google Play Music is shutting down in 2020 as announced to be slowly shutting down back in May 2018.

Is Google Play music being replaced?
Starting with Android 10, YouTube Music replaced Google Play Music as the bundled music player on new devices — YouTube Music was designed to blend the best of on-demand music streaming with all of the music videos and live performances that can be found only on YouTube.

Is YouTube Music Better Than Google Play?
Play Music is still superior when it comes to smart speakers made by Google. The service lets you play uploaded music via voice on Google Home speakers, but YouTube Music won’t do that — at least it will play the YouTube video version of a song if available.

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