Get Number: Why Dont You Men Of This Age L0v£ Me,Or Is It Because l’m Too Rich – A Billonaire Woman Cries Out

According to the studies, many men doesn’t want to surpassed by women when it comes to success. Many men usually go to women whom they could handle financially. Most men doesn’t like a woman who is more successful than then which results to some women ending up being single because they are labelled as too rich to handle.

A woman cries on twitter that men of her age doesn’t like her and they do not approach her for relationship matters. She assumed that maybe it is because she is rich and drives fancy cars. The lady says she prefers men aged between 28 to 35.

The fact that her age is not asking her out is bothering her and she is crying Asking the guys of her age that is it because she is rich the reason why they are not asking her out.

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