Biography Of Fiston

Torgbedzi Emmanuel is my real name and Fiston is my stage name. I was born on December 18, 1997 in Dogbo by Mr. Torgbedzi Andrea and Mrs. Korkor Jerjete. Torvikle Kleme is my hometown and my father’s land. I am a 6th grade dropout. I leave school just to have a focused mind and focus on my music career. I then went to Cotê D’ivoire to work and support my musical career but things did not go well as I thought so I had to return to Benin. Life in Benin does not seem favorable to me so I have to return to Nigeria to be able to see something and do but the condition was always the same, I returned to Ghana with the desire to do it so easy for the music industry and get something better and do. It’s not that easy but cool as other countries.
I started singing in 2014 and I have 9 songs in total. I have 3 songs recorded from Benin before stepping into Ghana. And I did the rest of the 6 songs in Ghana. I started the official release of my songs here in Ghana, and so far I have released 4 songs, which are
1. Hold the chapter Am ft Wan x Kofi Young (they are both from Ghana)
2. Shake Body ft Jo Xplanet (from Nigeria)
3. Dab ft Mediq Mane (from Ghana)
4. QUOTEMAX emergency service (from Ghana).
These 4 songs are doing well here in Ghana, because I have a direction which helps me to promote in this country. I met Martin Fearnot who is the CEO of FM Entertainment. He is an event organizer and he is very kind to me and helps me to put on shows. Thanks to this, I become famous in the region and the country.
I have so much interest in rap, so I have Dibi Dobo as a model in Benin and Sarkodie in Ghana and Eminem (USA) as an international or worldly model. I admire this artist and I want to be someone like them or even more than them ..
With the help of my management, we will surely reach the promised land. And I thank them very much for their sincere support in believing in my profession.

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