CheckOut: Do These 3 Things If Your G!rlfriend Keep Asking Money From You

Relationship means caring and loving. We care for each other interm of needs and problems. Giving out money to a lady or man is not a problem but how frequently you request tends to be a matter for one opponent.I have invest my time making researches and surveys on this and I came out with three tangible mature points for both men and women to abide with if their partner keep asking money from them. One annoying thing is that when they keep asking and you provide they tend to rely most on you which one will doubt it later leading to collapse in relationship.

Do these three things below if your G!rlfriends keep asking money from you.And Don’t Rely most on this because it just my concern am making online

1. Sit down with your Lady and talk to her about your money. Tell her this time around you have invested your money in some business so you have less money with you. Again, if you have been keeping your relatives with money, tell them about that so that that they keep off asking you for money.

2. When going out with your G!rlfried, tell her first to ensure they have enough money with her to avoid having to foot the bill unwillingly.

3. Always sit down with her and advice her to stop unnecessarysary spending on makeups,expensive shoes,cloths and save for future reference.

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By Celebrity Blogger(Kulme Star)

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